Cigar Factory Apartments – Coming in 2019

In November 2015, the former Jankowski Cigar Factory at 595 Fillmore burned a week after Broadway Fillmore NHS (BFNHS) purchased the property at the City property tax foreclosure auction.  We have spent the past two years trying to put together a plan to redevelop it.  In December 2017, we also purchased the adjacent property at 591 Fillmore.  It was damaged during the fire at 595.

The New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation recently awarded BFNHS a total of $1,714,300 to rebuild 595 Fillmore and completely rehabilitate 591 Fillmore.  There will be four apartments in 591 (three 1BR and one 2BR) and seven apartments in 595 Fillmore (four 1BR and three 2BR).  Rents will be similar to our apartments at Urban Street – $360 for a 1BR unit, and $425 for a 2BR unit.  Two 1BR units for the homeless will rent for $225.  Tenants will pay their own gas and electric.   There will be one small commercial storefront.  The plan is for a coffee shop to open in that space.

We are working to complete all of the pre-construction work so that construction can start on October 1st.  We are hopeful that when complete, the building will look much like it did 100+ years ago, and that it will serve as an anchor for the corner of Fillmore Avenue and Paderewski Drive.

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