BFNHS Awarded $315,000 for Home Repairs along the Fillmore Corridor

Broadway Fillmore NHS is now accepting applications from low income homeowners who live along the South Fillmore corridor (Best Street to Seneca).   This includes the adjacent streets.  Eligible applicants must live in the home, meet the income requirements, be current on their taxes & have homeowners insurance.  (We can help with the insurance requirement.)   We are particularly looking for very low income frail elderly owners.

Property owners will be required to bring their property up to current residential property code.   This will include issues such as asbestos, lead paint, energy conservation & accessibility.  All owners will be required to contribute a minimum of 10% of the project costs.  If the total project cost is $40,000, the owner must contribute at least $4000.  We can provide a low interest loan (3%) for owners who need to borrow the funds to meet this requirement.  The balance of the funds will be in the form of a recoverable grant that will be forgiven if the owner remains in the home for a minimum of 5 years.

To start the application process, please call our office (716-852-3130) or stop by and pick up an initial intake form.  You may also download the intake form by clicking here.  HOME LPA – Intake Form 2016  The intake form is an initial screening document.  It is not the application.

The initial  intake window closes on August 15, 2016.  If we have more eligible applicants than funds, we will conduct a lottery.  Applications received after August 15th will be date and time stamped and will be processed only if there are any remaining funds.


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